PRDTetc™ Pop-up #2, #3, #4, #5 Recap

So we’ve been lagging on putting together a recap on the pop-up shops we did late last year and early this year. We were waiting to finish a video that compliments the pics, but we’ll just get that up later. Even though these pop-up shops are a lot of work, we had tons of fun doing these and meeting new peeps in each city. Working with the crews, and unique spaces in each shop was also a great learning experience. We’re incredibly grateful each shop gave us the opportunity to not only flip their stores for a night, but for also giving us the chance to meet their customers, and allowing us to become better acquainted with how they tick. All in all, these batch of pop-ups were truly a pleasure and we hope to continue throwing special events in the years to come… A very special thanks goes out to each shop, their great teams, and all the people who came out to support: Blend Printing, UnitedState, Ceria Meat Market, Brooklyn Projects, DJ Rek, Cloud 9, The Sleeprocker Crew, DJ Wiz, Ralph Silerio, TLR & Co, and lastly The Bonn Lair.


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