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This week I promised myself I would put together a blog post. We pretty much suck at keeping the blog updated, but it’s only because we’ve been busy… and that is by no means a complaint. Keep that busy coming, please! With that said, I’m promising myself that I’m going to post at least once a week. OK maybe not — but I’m going to damn well try.

A lot of great things have happened since January, notably moving into a studio space in the heart of East Village in downtown San Diego. As far as I can tell, it was an incredibly important move for us. We started out in Tony’s garage, then once we started making apparel I had to work from home to make room for inventory. Now we’re centralized, in the most active part of San Diego, literally 50 feet away from our buddies at 5&A Dime, and have room to bring in ambitious creatives to work with us. It’s been a blurry couple of months, but I feel really good about the moves we’re making.

We never really published photos of the “old studio” in Tony’s garage, and that was primarily because we didn’t want clients to pass judgements on the space. Fact is, many would of and that’s a.o.k. because we knew it. While the streetwear community might not give a shit where we work, managing the expectations of clients in other industries is a different ballgame. Gone are the days where we have to schedule meetings at a local coffee house, and that is a grrrreat thing. It’s about our ability as professionals, and slowly but surely our environment is matching those abilities.

So below is where we’re at, and where we’ll be at for awhile. If you happen to see us around the block, be sure to say hi. In the meantime, I’ll catch you back here later this week.

711 8th Ave Unit A

San Diego CA 92101


711 8th Ave, San Diego

Street level entrance on 8th Ave

711 8th Ave hallways

Our building's hallways are a little creeps but equally rad. I guess that's what you get with a century old building. Rumors on the block is that it was a brothel and hotel at some point.

Tony's desk

Tony handling biz.

Encaustic and acrylic brushes

My encaustic and acrylic brushes. Unlike acrylic or oils, it's not bad form to leave encaustic on brushes.

My space station. Notice the Magnum P.I. DVD set that Knockaround gave us to watch while doing work for them. Our type of people, truly stand-up. Really hope we can work with them for a long time. Go buy their glasses and tell them we sent you. Expect another collab or two with them this summer.

Our first coffee maker and our first TwentyFour/Seven™ cap in perfect harmony.


Small piece of our ever expanding library. Lotta major influences and big dreamers on these shelves.

Samples and a preview of what’s dropping next month...

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