Product Etcetera™ 2012 Hats — Available Monday 06/18

Introducing the Product Etcetera™ teams in their complete lineup: Westside Love™, PRDTetc™, TwentyFour/Seven™, Pirates & Emperors™, and Dollar Devils™. These hats have been in the works for a while and we’re excited to announce that they will finally be available this coming Monday…in a newly redesigned online store!

Product Etcetera™ 2012 Hats

These hats (four fitteds and one snap-back) are produced by Mitchell & Ness with only 72 pieces available in each design — making each size in the fitteds a limited quantity. We will be releasing more details on the designs over the next few days.

Westside Love™ wheat paste in Huntington Beach

As a heads up, any order of 2 caps or more beginning Monday (06/18) through Wednesday (06/20) will receive a signed Westside Love™ print as seen in the photo below. Posters are 2-color offset lithograph prints (27 x 38 inches), open edition and ship folded with your order.

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