Knockaround x PRDTetc™ — Release at 5&A Dime

This past weekend we released the Bring Back The Brown Fort Knocks at 5&A Dime with our friends over at Knockaround. Sun was out, music was bumpin’, and drinks were flowin’.

Thank you to all the friends, fam, and fans that rolled through to show support; and thanks to 5D for letting us throw another event! We’ve almost blown through all 400 numbered editions this first week, if you’re still looking to cop a pair you can scoop them up on the PRDTetc™ online store.

Double Break and Knockaround representin’.

RJ’s Fro / The Brownie Troop

The Dude BLVD. Crew

TLR & Co. and more of the #brownlovers.

The homies.

Knockaround x PRDTetc™

Amador from 5D…we didn’t catch any flics of Jay & Darcie (our bad).

Thanks to all who rolled thru, much love and respect!

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