Downtown SD Friends & Colleagues

I had a decent assortment of portraits of some of our downtown friends and colleagues over the last couple weeks. They’re all stand-up, talented people, so if you see them around say “hi.” Matter of fact, since they’re all the best in the city at what they do, pay them a visit.

Double Break — 1821 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Periscope Project — 300 15th Street San Diego, CA 92101

5&A Dime — 701 8th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

J. Dewers — 715 8th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101


This is Lindsay being Lindsay. This guy is a major talent in web development and we're stoked that he's been working on our team the last couple months. Earlier this month, we almost coaxed him into wearing a tank-top in Hollywood that said “Sex, Drugs, & Dubstep.” He nearly took our dare, which would of been a fine piece of a tragic comedy.

Lindsay & Eric

Eric (right) is another good friend of ours that has been working on the team the last 3 or 4 months. Heading social media initiatives, this guy is helping us expand the way we approach our web game. Big props to him and his hometown crew Nasty Kemical, hailing from National City. We met those guys right when we started the company in 09, been good friends ever since.

Louis & James

Louis (left) is co-founder of Double Break in Banker's Hill on 5th Ave. James (right) helps run the Periscope Project on 15th Ave. Both these guys are talented artists/educators that can talk to you about skateboarding all day if you get them started.

Matt & Louisa

Matt is the other co-founder of Double Break, and a skilled artist who also happens to do great impersonations. The lady on the right is Louisa, who can sew or knit you up a beanie, dress, purse or full-on custom wardrobe from scratch. Youngest knitter I know.


Darcie is the lady who keeps the 5&A Dime machine in order. She keeps a low profile, but she runs shit. Official co-founder of “Weird and Wild Wednesdays.” Tony and myself are the other proud co-founders. I'd like to thank Green Flash brewing for sponsoring the session that spawned that stroke of genius. Darcie rules. Plain and simple.

Robert a.k.a. Bobert a.k.a. Streets. Robert is the buyer at 5&A Dime. He has a tough exterior but I caught him here rocking a nice toothy smile. So like a good friend, I decide to publish it. Keep an eye out for HDQTRS.


Jay is the brain child behind 5&A Dime. He can look intimidating or serious like he does here, but he is one of the nicest guys I know. No bullshit.


Randal is the 3rd piece of the puzzle who has been helping us out big time the last few months. Graduate of SDSU in design, this guy has shown us he has the range, ambition and skill set to pay the bills. I'll probably do a post soon of the Steve Jobs poster he worked on, it's excellent.


Judd works directly below us at J. Dewers. First off, I'd like to say these guys are true craftsmen at their trade. They do frames, and they do frames that hold and preserve world-renown works of art. Museums, galleries and collectors. If you ever need some serious frames, skip Aaron Brothers and go see these guys. TRUST ME. When Judd isn't making precision crafted frames, he's probably brewing his own beer or working on the drum-kit he made from scratch.

Fish Eye Mirror

J. Dewers has a fish-eye mirror that Judd says everyone geeks out to takes pictures in. Well, I'm no exception.

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