Cars, concerts, Magic, booze, & guns

August flew by. Judging by the title of this post, I can now understand why. Add a ton of work to that, and there really wasn’t a lot of time to be twiddling thumbs.

Most of this stuff happened over two weeks ago, but since we took all of these photos analog with a recently purchased TLR Holga, it took a little bit of time to finish rolls, process and scan. You know, old timey stuff. Think instagram, just 1000 times slower.

You can follow along with the captions below the images, but to add a little more context, I’ll quickly recap. You’ll see a single snapshot of 5&A Dime’s 2nd annual “Motor Union” car show. The old skool Skyline GTR in the lower left hand corner secured the title for reigning champ. Later in the month, I had the great pleasure of finally getting to see the Sacramento quartet, Sister Crayon, literally rock the Casbah. True artists, awesome performers, rad people, Californians. They’re touring the country during the next couple months, so GO SEE THEM. No question that we’ll be at the SD show Oct. 8th.

We also went to Magic in Vegas again, but you probably already know that… The rest I’ll let you piece together for yourselves. I honestly just want to publish this already. Till next time!


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