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Let me take a second to introduce a friend of mine, Braydon Fuller. He’s always been a badass designer and web developer since we started college close to a decade ago. Since last year, he’s also been operating as an artist using conventional mediums to address topics such as: copyright law, free software, hacking culture, internet privacy, and his beefs with social-media platforms such as Twitter, and Facebook. When he’s not making art or developing for the web, he has embraced a passion for activism. His website acts as a central hub for his ongoing projects: Post-Software Movement, Free The Hackers, Into Infinity, A Revolution Online, and Stop Hollywood.

Recently, after reading letters he sent to lawyers and legislators concerning his accusations against Facebook, Twitter & Adobe Systems, I started browsing through his artwork on the Post-Software Movement website. I hadn’t seen his latest work and I really dug it, so I shot him an email to see if he was selling any of his paintings or willing to trade pieces. Instead of him cutting me a transaction or bartering, he just packaged a selection of his paintings and mailed them to me… Some serious gifts! The least I could do is share them with you. Visit to dive into his ongoing projects. Visit Post-Software to check out Braydon’s paintings. But most importantly, visit the Post-Software donation page to show support for this watchdog. This guy is living the definition of a noble experiment.

Thank you Bray! Stay up!

“Emergency” / 12″ x 12″ / acrylic, phone jack, frame


“Unplugged” / 12″ x 12″ / acrylic, electrical outlet, frame

AWE Hardware Packaging Concept

“AWE Hardware Packaging Concept” / acrylic, cardboard box

National Insecurity Agency

“National Insecurity Agency” / 18″ x 10″ / readymade (at&t modem), acrylic

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008

“Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008” / readymade (telephone), acrylic, aluminum wire


“Security” / 13″ x 13″ / ethernet, acrylic, vinyl


“Commitments” / 13″ x 13″ / acrylic, vinyl

Commitments (back)

“Commitments” (back) / 13″ x 13″ / acrylic, vinyl

Visit the Post-Software donation page now.

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