b.monroe book — teaser 1

UPDATE 2/13/09: 12 more photos can be found in: b.monroe book — teaser 2

Hey everybuddy,

So, I finally got my advanced copy of b.monroe a.k.a. Brendan Monroe’s first monograph and it came out really nice. I designed and edited the book with Brendan’s help. It was a low budget affair where we combined powers with the publisher, Derek Song from Parklife / Paper Museum Press to produce a wonderful product. I’m going to take more photographs over the coming days, but I figured I’d throw out a fast, cryptic sample to wet the beak.


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10 Comments on “b.monroe book — teaser 1”

  1. I love you Mrs. Shapiro.

    P.S. I wish you could design and edit my face so that my self esteem would increase.

  2. Wooord.

    I’m going to take some photos of the actual content this week with all the gritty details. Thanks everyone— and mom!

    Twitchy J all day! Gotta step up from MS Paint kid!

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