3rd Annual Motor Union — Recap

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Motor Union organized by our buddies at 5&A Dime, and hosted by Green Flash Brewing in Mira Mesa. It’s sufficient to say that it was a bad ass event, and a huge upgrade from the two previous Motor Unions here in downtown.

We’re not really big car buffs, but it just so happens a lot of our friends are. What’s great about MU is that while cars are the main focus of the event, it’s also about bridging a diverse group of friends and associations together. And while we’re not really knowledgable on cars, events likes this give people a chance to learn and appreciate a wide sampling of car culture.

It was a sweat-fest clocking around 90 degrees, fortunately there was also plenty of beer, food and shade. Vendors such as Us Versus Them, Bolt Complex, 9Five, Zarlitos and last but not least Product Etc™, were holding down booths suppling everything you needed. Anything from custom pin-striping, food, drinks, hats, tanks, shirts and eyewear were in strong supply. We brought whatever we had left from the first Westside Love hats we made in 2010, and sold them for $10. It was a blast, and we’re stoked we were included. It’s clear that a new standard has been set for Motor Union, bet that next year is going to be bigger and better.

Many thanks to the 5&A Dime family for including us, we’re proud of their team and they should be as well!

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