Westside Love™ Fitted Hats — Now For Sale

After over 6 months of anticipation, the Westside Love fitted hats are now available and on sale in our eStore (http://www.productetc.com/store/hats). Don’t wait around on these, once these are out we have no clue when or if we’ll re-order, especially in these colorways. So if you’re looking to rock one to the track, beach, or ballgame this summer & fall — grab it soon.

Also new to the site are stickers for sale along with prints/posters following later this month. Check them out here — Stickers & Prints

If you have any questions, contact us at . Also, for those in San Diego or Sacramento shopping about town. 5&A Dime & United State will be carrying these hats as well!

Cheers— PRDTetc™

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    1. Thanks for the comment BoPee. We’ve heard of them, a good friend of ours showed us some of their work last year. As far as aesthetics, not sure if it helps at all, but we first published this in 2005. Conceptually, the 90’s Westside “W” or “dub” is probably a lot more ubiquitous in our culture in representing the west coast than Wood Wood. However, the big difference between us and Wood-Wood is we’ve added upon the semotics of the symbol with the heart and didn’t just reappropriate it. http://www.westsidelove.us

    1. haha… What up Westsider Ryder, you’re making sure to hit up all our blogs to tell us that. We’re sincerely stoked you like the hats, but $40 for a fitted hat is standard in our industry. It is actually a lower price point compared to a lot of brands. We’re not an MLB team that is producing thousands and thousands of fitted hats and therefore getting huge pricebreaks; instead, we’re a very small company ordering a couple hundred.

      Our hat is a custom build and is a higher quality than your standard New Era 5950… yes, seriously. Some of the basic features include a stronger backing behind the front panels of the crown to keep from warping over time, and the diameter padding around the interior is heavier. All the colors, tags and panels are custom to our specifications. $40 also isn’t a number pulled from left field. Based off our cost per unit, and then our wholesale cost to retailers, final retail price comes to around $40±.

      Although, we love when people purchase directly from us, we understand not wanting to pay for shipping. To make up for it, we ship all hats ordered directly through us in our custom boxes and we’ll even throw in some stickers. If you’re in Sacramento or San Diego you can hit visit 5&A Dime (S.D) or United State (Sacramento) and they’ll be happy to hook you up with a brand-new, clean, PRDTetc™ fitted.

      Thanks for the support, hopefully you understand. Let us know if you have any more Q’s.

  1. r these still available at all i had a blue unit i purchased in sacto but some Beezzy decided to keep it… i must replace it if possible ….lemme know please..

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