What does it take to build a brand?

It takes an idea, an inspiration, innovation.

We started Westside Love in 2009 as a sign of affection for our home, the Pacific side of the United States of America. It was our response to an “I Love New York” t-shirt, something that people on the West Coast could associate with.

It takes getting your message out there.

We’ve attended and worked the trade-shows to build contacts and connections. We created pop-up shops along the coast with full interior build-outs. We strategically placed Westside Love posters in highly trafficked areas in various cities.

It takes an audience.

The Westside Love logo stands alone as an icon that is instantly associated with a feeling, a vibe, a location, and a state-of-mind. Our audience has built a connection with these shared sentiments.

Maintaining the brand to our standards, in its attention to detail and clean design, can only be done through disciplined production management. We sample papers and fabrics for color, texture, weight, and cost. We prototype with affordable and easily accessible materials for quick iterations. We specify color, scale, placement, and quantities with tech-packs. We work close with vendors and insist on press-checks to make sure the final Westside Love product, whether a poster or embroidered cap, comes out as expected.

In delivering our product, we continue our standards. We manage shipping to ensure a smooth delivery. We take care in packaging and handling to offer a clean, branded, presentation and unblemished product.

Since 2009 we’ve grown Westside Love along with other brands like Twentyfour Seven, Dollar Devils, and Pirates & Emperors from the ground up. We’ve gained experience from the successes and pitfalls of brand building through the brands we create, and the brands we partner with.

Visit westsidelove.us to see what we’ve grown.

Client: Westside Love™
Location: San Diego, Ca
Medium: Digital
Team: Tony Martinez (brand manager); Jordan Stark (founder & director)