Above is a selection of some of the marks (logos, icons, symbols, emblems, ideograms, and signs) we’ve made over the years. Many were for clients, but many were also born from our own interests, and initiatives.

We create marks with the objectives to stand-out, be memorable, and elicit response based on needs. A passionate interest in the aesthetic, and communicative value of signs and symbols, along with a devoted commitment to the study of branding and semiotics, makes visual identity and sign systems a speciality of ours. We create stand-out marks that embody the internal mission and values of organizations, while resonating with the culture of their audience and/or market.

“Know what you’re saying,” is a mantra we take very seriously. We understand that to actually “know what you’re saying,” we have to know who you’re talking to, why you talking to them, and what you need to say. Doing so requires the task of learning about our clients: their employees, their products, their services, their market, their audience, and most importantly their problems and goals. This discipline is one we not only specialize in, but an art form we absolutely love to practice.

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Team: Product Etc™