Global innovators in affordable, classically designed sunglasses and accessories.

Brand and identity design included: redrawing their script wordmark; the creation, and consultation of implementing of a new logo for use in instances not ideal for the script; creation and standardization of company colors, and typeface; creation and standards for inclusion of mottos and campaign titles with the Knockaround script; creation of an alternate sans-serif wordmark.

The origins of the Knockaround Sunglasses wordmark started when Adam “Ace” Moyer selected the Edwardian Script font from within his word-processor and typed out his new company’s name. About 5 years later his staff hit 7, he outgrew several warehouses amidst a recession, and a very fruitful expansion for the company was just beyond the horizon. It was at that point Adam decided it was about time to revisit the company’s core brand assets and visual identity.

As for the introduction of a logo, it was first a matter of distinguishing the purpose and role it would play within the preexisting Knockaround brand identity, then designing and rolling it out. After exploring a range of themes we all agreed that what has now become known as the “flag logo” was the winner. Aside from the obvious stylized K, references embedded in the logo are based on company stories and values. Darts, naval flags, and an abstract force of color on the verge of an imminent collision or “knock.” As far as practical use, the mark gives the company a strong shape and a ton of colors options to fill it with. The mark was introduced by incorporating it on all packaging, all sunglasses via a UV or Polarized sticker on the lens, every item of apparel in the form of a label and graphics, and standardizing every online component of the company from their website to Facebook.

Client: Knockaround
Location: San Diego, Ca
Team: Tony Martinez (project management); Jordan Stark (design, direction)