Henebery Whiskey is young, high rye whiskey infused with fresh, all natural ingredients. It is produced and bottled in Southern California.

Brand and identity design included refinement and clarification of the brand personality, creation of the logo, standardization of company colors and typeface, business cards, label and packaging design.

The project started by first reviewing over 70 pages of information detailing the history of Mathew Henebery, industry research, and business objectives of the Henebery team. We then pulled the stand-out characteristics, references, and objectives in order to distill which elements created a clear personality, and which were aligned with the vision and goals of the Henebery team.

Once the brand personality was crystal clear, we began exploring visual cues, symbols, and references that would tie in the rich history of the Henebery brand and meanwhile appeal to a modern, young, expanding, craft whiskey market and audience.

To understand the execution of the Henebery label, and all other brand assets, is to understand Matthew Henebery himself. A list of descriptive terms compiled during our research includes: humble, stern, kind, loyal, determined and hard working, wealthy but charitable. Matthew Henebery was Irish born, emigrated to Peoria, Illinois and exemplified a hard working and prosperous early American immigrant who had a strong religious conviction.

The label shows American influence with the use of stars, stripes, and a deep Navy blue color. Irish and religious influence is portrayed with multiple trefoils, cross glyphs, and a scythe. Wealth, prosperity, and charity are represented by a gold foil which, when combined with the navy blue, creates a regal look. All of these elements are combined into what can be considered the Henebery mascot, a peacock, which represents the graceful magnificence that defines the man behind the whiskey, Matthew Henebery.

Development of the whiskey label had to comply with strict regulations from TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.) Once the label was approved by TTB we worked closely with a local printer to ensure that the details, colors, and foils of the label were produced with stellar results.

Client: Henebery Spirits Inc
Location: San Diego, Ca
Team: Randal Hollis (design, art direction); Tony Martinez (project management); Jordan Stark (creative direction)