Brand identity and stationery system for Empire Garage Doors and Gates, a service provider in the San Diego region.

Services in brand identity, stationery system design, and production included: logo design; layout design for letterhead, envelope, and business cards; layout design for service order and sales proposal forms; facilitation of printing and onsite press checks.

When Empire first approached us they had no logo, no stationery, and their service order and sales proposals were generic carbon forms that were difficult to fill out and read. At the time, they were aiming to attract and build trust with clients in the high-end garage door, gate, and fencing market. So what we sought to develop for them was a sharp identity system, and professional looking forms tailored just for them.

We ended up producing was a logo for Empire that was reminiscent of imperial seals, and centered around an abstract “E” composed of three rectangles and a thick line; symbolizing 3 cars and a garage door. We selected a spot-color red and metallic silver for all their primary materials, and made sure to provide files with the colors translated for screen and CMYK.

We completely redesigned their two primary forms by gathering previously filled-out sales proposals and service orders, gathering the client’s input about the information fields they need, and the commonly selected items unique to their service. We even redesigned the “Terms of Sale” and “Limited Conditional Warranty” on the back of the forms, because we felt that the information in contracts that’s commonly referred to as “tiny type” shouldn’t be difficult to read or understand.

Client: Empire Garage Doors & Gates
Location: San Diego, Ca
Team: Jordan Stark (design, direction)