Environmental graphics and installations designed as part of the remodeling of a 1912, 80-unit apartment building in downtown San Diego by the LWP Group’s Community brand.

With some fresh licks of paint, and the careful framing of reclaimed objects and surfaces we were able to help transform a neglected, dilapidated building from 1912 into a boutique apartment building filled with custom art and design. Throughout the building, art and design was created to align with LWP Group’s Community brand, their “young-professional” demographic, and meanwhile encourage a positive, engaging, social atmosphere among tenants and guests.

The content for the various installations were selected by LWP Group then graphically interpreted by Product Etc™. The installations throughout the building include the two-story “Jack in the Beanstalk” entrance installation, the “Holy Toledo” lobby installation, the 5ft x 5ft “Steve Jobs” poster on the 2nd floor, the “Band-aid” stencils, the “Take the Stairs” elevator signs on all 5 floors, the LWP “Make it a great day” motto on the steps exiting the building, and a couple additional easter eggs throughout the building.

Client: LWP Group
Location: East Village, San Diego
Medium: Enamel, aerosol, paper, wood, aluminum, wheat paste
Measurements: Variable
Team: Randal Hollis (design, production); Tony Martinez (production, project management); Jordan Stark (design, direction,production)