Product Etcetera™ 2012 Summer Hats — Now Available

Product Etcetera™ red snapback hat

Product Etcetera™ (#PRDTetc) Mitchell & Ness Snapback —
Product Etcetera™ serves as the institutional umbrella of all the brands. It is the founder, sponsor, governor, and ruling body. People pay us to problem solve. People pay us to make problems. And we often do both without being hired. You should know us.

Visit Product Etcetera™ brand page.

Westside Love™ royal/white fitted hat

Westside Love™ (#westsidelove) Mitchell & Ness Fitted —
Westside Love is a sign of affection for our home, the Pacific side of the United States. It’s a flip on the notorious hand gesture made famous through 90’s hip-hop. Originally used to show respect for the West Coast, the Westside gesture also became a sign used to spite a specific brand of New York City rappers. Although dropping the disrespect, Westside Love still embraces the competitive nature between the two coastlines, & meanwhile salutes its graphic rival, Milton Glaser’s, I Love NY.

Visit Westside Love™ brand page.

TwentyFour/Seven™ navy fitted hat

TwentyFour/Seven™ (#twentyfourseven) Mitchell & Ness Fitted —
Whether it’s something we labor, love, obsess, or consistently dream about, we consider TwentyFour/Seven as the badge that represents our drives through time. TwentyFour/Seven™ was originally inspired by the ancient symbol for Jupiter (King of Gods, sky, and thunder). People associate this cycle of hours and days with various things in their lives, however it’s always associated with things that are “all the time.”

“Don’t be going through no phases, my joint stays on. 24/7 from dusk till dawn.” — Phife

Visit TwentyFour/Seven™ brand page.

Dollar Devils™ black fitted hat

Dollar Devils™ (#dollardevils) Mitchell & Ness Fitted —
Introducing Dollar Devils, a symbol illustrating the bastards who are ready to con, prey, or kill the innocent for a buck. It’s okay though, there’s a special place in hell for these guys.

Visit Dollar Devils™ brand page.

Pirates & Emperors™ navy/gray fitted hat

Pirates & Emperors™ (#piratesandemperors) Mitchell & Ness Fitted —
Introducing Pirates & Emperors, an insignia depicting the two hungry breeds of goons with the teeth to terrify nations. It’s a visual representation that comes from St. Augustine’s “City of God” in which he likens kingdoms to great gangs, and gangs to little kingdoms. He tells an anecdote between Alexander the Great and a seized pirate, in which Alexander asks the pirate what he means by keeping hostile possession of the sea. The pirate boldly answers, “What do you mean by seizing the whole earth? But because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, while you who does it with a great fleet are styled emperor.”

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Westside Love™ poster in San Diego on Kettner

FREE signed Westside Love™ print —
All orders of 2 caps or more beginning Monday (06/18) through Wednesday (06/20) will receive a signed Westside Love™ print as seen in the photo above. Posters are 2-color offset lithograph prints (27 x 38 inches), open edition and ship folded with your order.

FREE shipping for all domestic orders over $100 —
(does not apply to international orders).

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