Product Etc Pop-Up at 5&A Dime

Last week we launched our first line of apparel at 5&A Dime here in our hometown of San Diego and we have to say that we couldn’t have wished for a better launch. The enthusiasm, big smiles, and generous turn-out will make it unforgettable for us. Not enough thanks can go out to our friends, family, and new friends.

Special hollar goes out to our fùtbol and high school buddy Kamal Delchad for doing an amazing job in shooting the event, the Nasty Kemical Crew for also documenting the event, blogging it, and for being from National City (home of John Baldessari). Another big hug and sloppy kiss to our amazing friends and loved ones for helping transport, fold A LOT of shirts, and set-up the event. Big shout out to Adam “Ace on Base” Moyer from the infamously famous Knockaround, and last but most certainly not least, Jay, Darcie and the friendly staff at 5&A Dime for making the event seamless, letting us use their wicked store, and showing up early and late for set-up and take-down. Those of you who haven’t been there, get your ass over there, buy some swag and tell them we sent you. San Diego don’t sleep!!!

Tony & Jordan — Product Etcetera™

p.s. Online store with all the items we released will be up sometime next week. Stay tuned…

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