Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i 2013

Every year around this time, the Pow!Wow! Hawai‘i team publishes a short film documenting their most recent festival. Every single year Pow!Wow! raises the bar in massive ways, and that’s just one reason why we’re so excited and proud to be associated with the Pow!Wow! family.

The camaraderie, humility and talent present at the actual festival is difficult to describe, but we can say that mingling with the types of humans present at Pow!Wow! are one of the primary benefits of being an artist and being involved in the arts. Pow!Wow! 2013 was the first time we were invited to be involved as a brand, and we’re very proud to announce that we’re participating again in 2014. This time, we’re working on a very special collaboration with one of the confirmed painters and an old friend of ours, Brendan Monroe.

More details coming soon!

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