Knockaround x PRDTetc™ — Collaborative Release at 5&A Dime

Bring Back the Brown 4. Saturday July 30, 2011.

Despite the tragic (“or just horseshit”) losing streak that took the Pads into the All-Star Break (together with any “very hopeful” hopes of post-season play), we’re still putting it down for the Bring Back The Brown campaign, along with our city, and we’re really excited about this one.

  • Saturday, July 30th at 5&A Dime from 1:30pm-4:30pm.
  • Music, drinks, and a Knockaround x PRDTetc™ product release.
  • More details to follow…

2 Comments on “Knockaround x PRDTetc™ — Collaborative Release at 5&A Dime”

  1. I’ve come to interpret the Bring Back the Brown campaign to say, “Bring back the major league game, and get rid of the PCL minor league colors”.

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