Parties & Nukes — Fall 2010

Fall 2010 brings two new shirts in two colorways each. For this release we went at the jugular of a couple issues we feel very strongly about; the political spectrum in the United States, and the possession of “city destroyer” weapons in nuclear countries. Whether you agree with our take or not, we feel these are issues that need awareness and discourse on a larger stage.

Without getting too much into our own political philosophy, our dilemmas are simple to identify. First, the American political spectrum is effectively closed to third party candidates, and their platforms, by limiting their ability to debate both Republican and Democratic candidates on the national stage, using national media. This problem is especially apparent during Presidential elections in which nationally syndicated debates only include one Republican, and one Democrat. The organization responsible for the guidelines of debates and determining who participate in them, the Commission on Presidential Debates, was founded in 1987 by ex-chairmen of both the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee. You can read more about that online but simply put, we see this type of exclusion in debates as detrimental to competition, policy, and thought in American politics.

Second, we feel that nuclear weapons whose sole purpose is to threaten civilian populations need to be abolished. Nuclear technology is being used from tank rounds to bunker busters missiles, which are weapons with a blast range in the low tons. Weapons with this range of destructive power appear to be plenty effective for tactically confronting enemy military targets; however, nuclear nations also hold weapons in the kiloton and megaton range which are devices known as “city destroyers.” National possession of weapons with the destructive power in the kilo or megatons has little to no use beyond threatening non-combatants (civilians) and dense cities, which is state terrorism by definition.

So, while that was a brief summary of two heavy issues with heavy histories, we left a rabbit hole on each sleeve if you want to jump in and explore for yourself. Hope you enjoy our 2010 fall release, all shirts are now available for purchase in the PRDTetc™ eShop, and authorized retailers.


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