Double Break & High Fidelity

This weekend was kicked off on the right foot with the grand opening of the Double Break gallery/art shop. Artists Matt Coors & Louis Schmidt are the captains steering this venture which is currently unlike anything here in San Diego.

For those familiar with Giant Robot (LA, SF), Park Life (SF), Subtext (SD), Family (LA), or the Junc Gallery (LA), Double Break is serving up a similar format. However, based on their first exhibit my guess is their programming will be slightly different than you might expect from Subtext, GR or Junc. Not only is Double Break looking to be a well curated avenue showcasing visual artists in SD, they have already curated a great selection of inspirational objects for book junkies, aspiring artists and enthusiasts. Some current selections included monographs on Ed Ruscha, Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, and Brendan Monroe (which we designed *wink*), Beautiful Losers monograph & DVD, a selection of underground zines, shirts by 2K, and a grip of other unique items you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere around here. Without debate, PRDTetc™ already awards Double Break two thumbs up and we hope they remain a staple for years to come. Above is a short vid on their grand opening party.

Sunday, I got the chance to visit the MCASD in La Jolla and check out the High Fidelity show. Below is a recap of that.

Ed Ruscha painting outside the MCA La Jolla

Ed Ruscha painting on the back of the MCASD, La Jolla.

Baldessari and Ruscha paintings

Two favorites in the High Fidelity show at the MCA.

John Baldessari

Hometown hero and world reknown “conceptual artist,” John Baldessari. He hails from National City and taught at Southwestern College. Dubs up.

Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha. A true typographic maestro with a brush. A big influence right here.

Ocean view from La Jolla

Ocean view from La Jolla.

La Jolla outside MCASD

Nothing like a cup of coffee while enjoying the Pacific coast in La Jolla. Saludos…

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